One word in this story bothers me...."somewhat"...being somewhat concerned with privacy issues to me is just not good enough.  BD

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Diabetes isn't infectious like tuberculosis, hepatitis or gonorrhea, so why is the city Health Department tracking people with the disease?

That's what Melissa of Eltingville, a diabetic, wants to know -- for her sake, and the sake of her mother, who also has the disease.  "We had no choice, and we've been sending the results since January or February of this year," said Linda Kraynock, chemistry laboratory manager for Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton. "Initially I had the same complaint that (Melissa and her mother) have."

"Every time I go to have my blood-sugar checked, my test results are being wired to the (city) Health Department," said Melissa, who didn't want to have her last name included for this article due to fears that her status as a diabetic could affect her ability to get affordable insurance.

"We applaud this kind of work," Dr. Sheehan said. But he added, "We're somewhat concerned about the privacy of individual."

Diabetics: We want privacy -


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