Will be interesting to see if the bill makes it through the legislature.  BD

Hospital patients undergoing treatment in California might eventually need to speculate about whether their doctor harbors homicidal intentions. A proposed law, Assembly Bill 374, the California Compassionate Choices Act, if passed, will legalize physician-assisted suicide, a practice outlawed for more than 700 years and forbidden by every state except Oregon.

Regrettably, the poor and mentally ill are the most susceptible victims of state-sponsored doctor homicides. Those without money might resort to physician-assisted suicide as a means to spare their family the severe financial costs attendant to end-of-life health care. Likewise, AB 374 does not require hospitals to report vital statistics about patients who choose the procedure, which, if made public, could facilitate efforts to challenge the disproportionate impact of physician-assisted suicide on minorities and the poor.

Having a physician assess a patient's mental stability is ineffective because a mentally ill patient could just shop around for a physician willing to finish them off.

Does my doctor want to kill me? - North County Times / The Californian - Community Forums


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