New service via the web that charges a quarter for each individual check, need to sign up and establish an account before using.  Almost the same price as a phone call...BD

Check the eligibility and deductible status of Medicare patients in seconds!

This service can save you time and money! Here's how:

  • Verify patient information and eligibility!
  • Receive deductible amount remaining for the year!
  • Receive Primary Insurance information if Medicare is the Secondary Payor
  • Receive Managed Care Organization Information(MCO/HMO) if patient is enrolled.
  • 25 cents per check! No minimum monthly fee!
  • No Time Limit! Transactions never expire!
  • Available Nationwide, 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week!
  • Uses Most Web Browsers, No Additional Software Required!*
  • Optional Direct Interfaces Available for Sammy USA, Simple Sam Plus, & Simple Sam (Medisoft Coming Soon!)
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant!

Sign up Today!

Check Medicare Eligibility at


  1. This service should be free...


  2. It should be free. It costs Medicare more to connect their database to the free Telephone system than it would to just have an online system. Online would be more convenient for most. This, along with Tort reform, is yet another way to reduce health care costs that was forgotten by the Obama Administration & Congress. I guess it is just easier to cut payments to doctors & hire more IRS agents. Forget about what is right or wrong.

    Still at least this private company has stepped up to offer the service.


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