Today, I filed a class action lawsuit against United Healthcare for misrepresentation and fraudulent marketing in violation of The Florida Medicare Supplement Act. The lawsuit states that the defendants, United Health Group, Inc. and United Healthcare of Florida Inc. enrolled Medicare recipients into their Medical Advantage HMO and PPO plans without obtaining their signatures and consent to enter into the insurance contract and without informing or advising them that enrollment into their HMO and PPO medicare advantage plans disenrolls them from their rightful benefits under the United States Medicare Program.

These enrollees were also not informed that the Medicare Advantage Plans such as Secure Horizons and Complete Care provide limited or no skilled nursing home case while U.S. Medicare covers 100% of such care for 20 weeks. The company also failed to inform them that the UNITED plans have significant copayments and significantly more limited availability of physicians who will accept their plan than will accept medicare.
The suit also states that United Healthcare's marketing practices fraudulently implied by names such as CompleteCare and SecureHorizons that the UNITED insurance policies provide equal or complete care when in fact they provide far less care that the Medicare coverage that they replace.

Editor: Joe Saunders

Firm: Saunders & Walker, P.A.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against United Healthcare - Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer


  1. I have just received a mailing from secureHorizons and was considering having a sales rep contact me. Thanks for your welcome information just in the nick of time.


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