Both do a pretty good job, but who will profit the biggest? 

Detailed health knowledge is no longer the sole possession of the medical elite. Now, once elusive information is readily available to the average person. The wealth of medical and health related resources on the Web are sparking interest amongst a growing number of people who want to be involved in their own health care.
With this heightening level of interest Google and Microsoft are both eagerly vying to get a share of the online healthcare sector. The battle seems to be heating up between these two giants as they propose different approaches for an online medical system, each one hoping theirs is the more marketable option.

The unfortunate aspect of the healthcare information on the web is that it is from a mixture of sources, sometimes the information is reliable and useful, other times it is more of a hindrance than a help. Regardless of who wins this new phase of the Google vs. Microsoft popularity contest, when online healthcare systems that give consistently useful and patient specific advice have been established, their presence will be welcomed by many medical professionals and patients alike.

Google Health vs. Microsoft e-Health: Medical search war for big profits


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