Nice with the USB portable version as this would allow a handicapped individual to be mobile as well and take the software with them for use on any pc so they can communicate anywhere a PC is available.  One other last thought too, is the ability to carry this around on a UMPC small tablet too, so the unit and software could be mobile and travel anywhere with the user.  BD

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The Touch & Talk Speech Communication System is designed for those patients suffering from any medical condition that has caused a speech communication disability. Touch & Talk assumes that the patient has retained the ability to read and form sentences with words and allows the patient a flexible approach for direct spoken communications to family members and caregivers. The patient simply clicks or taps words from alphabetized lists or commonly used phrases and then click the green speak button for fully automated narration of the desired text in a male or female voice. Touch & Talk utilizes large buttons and text to assist the patient in regaining motor control and coordination as a quality of life therapy tool.

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Touch & Talk utilizes the latest text to speech technology from Microsoft with the option of a female or male voice. The user can select the voice gender, stop, start or even repeat the desired text to speech narration. If your computer has a soundboard and speakers, the Touch & Talk Speech Communication System allows for true communication between the disabled patient, care giver and family.

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The Touch & Talk Speech Communication System is also available on a USB flash disk for complete freedom of use on other computers while the patient is away from his or her home computer. Please click the order/contact link for additional information. We also offer complete portable computer solutions with the Touch & Talk Speech Communication System.

Touch N' Talk

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