Follow up on Initial post :  Portable Tablets Help MSP Secure Homeland

I spoke with Gail at Tablet Kiosk to confirm that this is the Sahara i440D, and yes it is!  From the medical side of things, what a great way to locate hospitals in the case of looking for terrorist type activities.   

Now if we can just get more of these in the hands of doctors for health care. BD

"The application is called the Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System which was developed by the MD state police in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory and the department of Homeland Security."

By poking a touch-screen computer, crews aboard Maryland State Police helicopters can now calculate more efficient flight plans to add inspections of dams, bridges and other "critical infrastructure" to their daily missions. The choppers were equipped last month with hand-held tablet computers linked to navigation satellites, digital maps and databases with the locations of hospitals, chemical factories and other sensitive facilities. That allows airborne troopers to quickly find and patrol such sites looking for damage or terrorist threats.

The new system replaces the stacks of notes, photocopies and road maps that flight crews have used since Sept. 11, 2001, to identify, find and inspect installations on their critical-infrastructure patrols.  Flight crews also answer on-screen queries designed to assure the security of that facility or to address questions uploaded by public safety agencies. The crew's replies are later downloaded for analysis, eventually by the Department of Homeland Security.

Based on software developed at APL, the new FAA system will use radio-transmitted global positioning data and aircraft identification information.  "It's targeted for Maryland but designed so any law enforcement agency can use it," said Jose Latimer, who oversees the homeland protection business area for the APL. It will also be adaptable for use in cars, on boats or by personnel on foot.

Aerial surveillance gets computer boost --


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