Thus far we have not heard much about his prior medical care...hope more will surface soon...and I think testing in hospitals at this point is not a bad idea...BD  

Faced with panicked parents and amid calls for better medical screening, city health officials Friday insisted the classmates of a Brooklyn boy who died after catching the so-called "superbug" are not at risk, but admitted they may never know how the child was exposed to the infection. Children at IS 211 in Canarsie, where the boy was a seventh-grader, "are at no higher risk of getting a staph infection than children at any other school in New York City," City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden said at a news conference Friday. "A death like this," he said, "is very rare.

Some classmates and friends recall seeing Omar scratching telltale boils on his legs and back, but Frieden declined to reveal any details about Omar's treatment. It was not clear Friday whether the boy had been diagnosed with MRSA before he died.

Health officials insist IS 211 students are safe --

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