Superbugs and lack of confidence in the NHS...India appearing to be the most popular choice..nurses all bogged down with administrative functions and don't have enough time to spend with patients, the report indicates...The US is not alone with folks looking for alternatives in health care with medical tourism...BD

Thousands of "health tourists" are going as far as India, Malaysia and South Africa for major operations such is their despair over the quality of health services. The first survey of Britons opting for treatment overseas shows that fears of hospital infections and frustration with NHS waiting lists are fuelling the increasing trend.  "The confidence that the public has in NHS hospitals has been shattered by the growth of hospital infections and this Government's failure to make a real commitment to tackling it," she said. "People are simply frightened of going to NHS hospitals, so I am not surprised the numbers going abroad are increasing so rapidly. My fear is that most people can't afford to have private treatment – whether in this country or abroad."

Hungary's popularity rests on a boom in dentistry, thanks to a shortage of NHS dentists in Britain.

Record numbers go abroad for health - Telegraph

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