In contrast to what is happening to primary care physicians here in the US, pay is on the rise for GP physicians in the UK...but the patients are not happy about it...$220,000.00 a year is a nice income compared to the same type of practice here...patients can't get to them in many areas..and now there is a push to extend hours..BD

The data from the NHS Information Centre is for the year 2005-6 - the second year of the new GP contract. It comes after pay rose by 20% in the first year and means GPs have seen pay rise by about £30,000 in two years. The deal also allowed GPs to opt out of weekend and evening care, which critics say has suffered after private firms and groups of medics were taken on.

And many patients have said they are unhappy with the new out-of-hours arrangements with the number of complaints soaring as a result.

The GP contract overhauled the way doctors were paid. "We will be working with GPs to ensure that at least 50% of practices extend their opening hours and we are taking action to tie GP income more closely to patient experiences." "They are being treated, by this government, like well-paid production line employees."

BBC NEWS | Health | GP pay £110,000 after a 10% rise

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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