This way the doctor can be there virtually...and it is working....they are also able to get the physical staff there immediately as well...the units will be able to track 100 patients when completed with each room and area set up with complete monitoring systems, 2 way video, audio and constant real time streaming of vitals, lab results and charts.  Electronic charts and no paper used here....The virtual doctor can actually be there before the bedside team and already be at work...of course you do need the bedside team too, but I can see where this can be lifesaving...BD 

He's a critical care specialist called an intensivist. His job is to intervene when critically ill patients are in crisis and guide the health care team through it.

"I do love what I do and I walk out of ICU after a crisis and I say, 'Whew…that was good,'" he laughed.

It's called E-Focus and it features two-way video and audio wired into patient rooms, along with constant streaming updates of vital signs, lab test results and patient charts.

In ICU rooms, patients hear a doorbell ring and then the doctor or nurse appears on the screen in front of them. Sensitive cameras allow the staff to pan around the room and zoom into monitors or read labels on medication.

Huerta said he's even diagnosed an infection inside a patient's mouth by zooming in with the camera.



Patient Louis Baker was in distress recently, after abdominal surgery at Midland's Hospital. His heart rate sped up and his blood pressure dropped. The virtual E-Focus team was in his room almost instantly, as the bedside team was coming down the hallway.


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