After the "cherry picking", how do you market the left overs?  The articles says that the over 50 group might be loyal, but also expensive as the aging process continues...BD

INDIANAPOLIS Health insurers trying to boost individual policy sales are making a new push into an older market _ the roughly 7 million uninsured Americans between the ages of 50 and 64. Financially stable baby boomers who either retire young or need coverage after a corporate downsizing are driving this push, experts say. Insurers also want to build ties to customers who may need Medicare-related insurance after they turn 65.

Big companies also are cutting jobs, and their former workers are less likely these days to land with another large employer that provides benefits, said John Wider, vice president of health products and services for AARP Services Inc.

"If you're an individual on your own in most states ... and you're over 50 years old, good luck trying to find health insurance," he said.

Health Insurers Target Early Retirees | - Houston Chronicle


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