Great article on using a tablet pc, and I agree here, this looks like the Sahara i440D from Tablet sure is much easier to work with a tablet rather than trying to work with a notebook in the helicopter...they were checking on return trips from hospitals here...they are taking full advantage of using the touch screen in the video..Homeland security will be releasing these units to other agencies soon...the brain child here was from one currently serving in Iraq...

It didn't take Homeland Security long to figure out how efficient it is working without paper. Anyone with mobility needs (which is pretty much all of us today) can take advantage of using a tablet without having to walk around with an "open pizza box" notebook to be productive.  The tablets are at work helping to look and find terrorist type of activities.  BD

There are more than 150 places in Maryland thought to be targets for terrorists. One of the police agencies responsible for their safety is the Maryland State Police. Mike Schuh reports homegrown technology is taking those troopers down a path others will soon follow. View pictures from a Maryland State Police Homeland Security mission and you'll likely see officials checking on a potential terrorist target like the Key Bridge.

One pilot kept a paper reference file of many sites. "He looked for a safer and more efficient way," said MSP Superintendent Col. Terrance Sheridan.That safer way is a portable computer tablet with files of data about each target already installed.  It standardizes what the flight crew looks for, and alerts will be added or subtracted each day.

"The real beauty of this product is that I don't have to do any fancy integration with the airplane you carry this thing on the aircraft and you're set to go," said Boyd. - Portable Tablets Help MSP Secure Homeland

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