Absolutely a must watch....if you are not familiar with DARPA, this is the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency...working under the Department of Defense...pursuing technology and development projects.  Commercial vendors are involved and donate time and effort as well to product development.  This video from Engadget is phenomenal to watch to see the capabilities of an arm replacement.  BD

Scroll down to the next video as well to see what DARPA is doing with cars...with no drivers...the race is on next weekend.  My choice here just might be the team from Stanford...it has the brains from Intel...BD



Oh, and it'll have to obey all California traffic laws--signal turns, obey speed limits, negotiate four-way stops with other vehicles...think of it as the kinder, gentler auto race.  Watch the video below to see the brains of the vehicle, provided by Intel...fascinating...to watch "Junior"...with his Quad processors  ready to go....BD



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