Over the weekend some new changes were added to the blog and hopefully useful and beneficial to all readers.  Now it is easier to locate paste and archives posts under the main category listing.  In addition, it will be easier to locate the most recent 10 comments posted as well.  The right hand column will list in one section.  There are 2 new section that post the latest from the New England Journal of Medicine and a section for some CME listings and information.  The site is also open to anyone who would also wish to advertise.  You can also use the listings for the major stories of the day, located at the bottom of the right hand side.  Another new section has been added called "Blog Rush" that will also enable you to locate blogs with related subjects. 

Last but not least is the Sky Radio button whereby you can listen to some music while browsing the blog.  The music remains live as long as your browser is still set to the Medical Quack.  Please keep the good comments coming too.  We do appreciate it and please feel free to tell others about the site if you are finding it useful.  I cover a lot of different areas from technology to medical stories here and hopefully it is enough of a blend to offer something for everyone and yet still be interesting and contain some valued information. 

Thank you again for your support and contributions to the Medical Quack.

Barbara Duck (the Quack) 



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