Nice addition to the will read email to you among other fun things...nice perhaps for a pediatrician or anyone who likes something out of the normal PC products...Nice for RSS feeds as he will read an update every 20 minutes..saves a little time here in hearing the headlines...BD

I've been playing with the new Nabaztag for a few weeks, and I must say, this is one rabbit that'll keep you entertained for hours. As soon as I opened it, I headed to to configure my Wi-Fi settings so it could start updating me on everything. You see, Nabaztag is a Wi-Fi enabled bunny that can gather information from around the Internet, and reads it for you.  Making friends internationally is easy, since the little genius speaks 16 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, and of course English.

Since the bunny has speakers, you can easily stream music or play podcasts you find on the Web for an unlimited time.  Not only does it communicate verbally, but it also communicates physically by moving its ears or visually by lighting up.

I especially think it's great that others can send messages to your bunny via widgets (it has a Yahoo! Widget) or by signing up for a Nabaztag account.

Hands-On Nabaztag 2 Wi-Fi Rabbit : Gina Hughes : Yahoo! Tech


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