What is the correct way to collect a urine specimen in the case of a DWI in this case?  Were privacy issues a concern here?  BD 

How urine was seized by a police officer while state Sen. Chuck Graham was in a University Hospital emergency center examination room could become a legal issue in a possible DWI case, a former judge said today.  The law enforcement agency must provide a container to establish a chain of custody, Jenkins said.

Graham, who is paralyzed from the chest down, had urinated through a tube into a container in an examination room while being treated for the bruise, according to a police report by Weaver.

Weaver ordered a nurse to place the container on a counter after she removed it from the hose. Weaver then took custody of it and secured it in his patrol car after ordering emergency room physician Scott Schultz, lawyer Bob Murray and hospital security officers to get out of his way, the report said.

Hospital, police chief stand by actions in DWI case


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