How clean is clean?  The processor clean room is 100 times cleaner than the average operating room but chips don't have to worry about bacteria infections...BD

Big and Clean The transistors are tiny, but the new plant is not. Intel said the structure measures more than a million square feet, large enough to contain more than 17 football fields. About 184,000 square feet is Class 1 clean room space. That, noted Intel, means there is no more than one particle measuring 0.5 micron or larger per cubic foot of air.

"For comparison, hospital operating rooms are Class 10,000, meaning that the air inside Intel's Fab 32 clean room is 100 times cleaner than the air in an operating room," said Intel. "Outside air is near Class 3 million.

Technology News: Processors: Intel Opens Clean, Green Fab for New Penryn Chips


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