The hospital was only open for 2 years...BD

Basically what Memorial Hermann did is they went to insurance companies like Aetna and United and said, 'If you deal with that hospital, we won't deal with you anymore,'" said Richard Zook, an attorney with Thompson & Knight, LLP, who represents some of the doctors that invested in Town & Country Hospital.

The lawsuit which alleges a violation of the Texas Free Enterprise and Antitrust Act asks for $100,000,000 in damages. “It is a crime that a hospital buys another hospital and shuts it down,” said Dr. Richard Pohil, one of 109 doctors suing Memorial Hermann Healthcare System for causing the closure of Town & Country Hospital in West Houston.  "Put simply, if you were a member of Aetna or United and you were a patient and wanted to go to this hospital, you couldn't," Zook added.

"This isn't just about doctors having lost their investment. It's about the loss of a hospital and most importantly the loss of patients on the west side of Houston to have an alternative," Zook said.

Doctors sue Memorial Hermann over 'bully tactics' | HOUSTON METRO | Breaking Houston News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Video from | 11 News


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