According to this article, having private insurance in the UK is not a big may get in sooner, but there are limitations on what is covered...Aetna just purchased GoodHealth in the UK, and more are targeting health care in the UK. to market private insurance....BD 

When you think of the NHS now, you don't think of the billions of pounds being flushed through the system, the well-meaning doctors or nurses with a vocation. You think bugs MRSA and C. difficile mixed wards, dirty bathrooms, lack of dignity and death. It's enough to make you consider re-mortgaging your house and getting private health care. In fact, the number of people taking out personal private medical insurance policies has increased for the first time in six years to more than one million, and even Tesco has started providing PMI.

We don't mind paying the consultant to keep checking our child's eye, but I had never realised how little private health care actually covers. Most insurers will not cover chronic conditions such as asthma, dementia, arthritis or Parkinson's.  The NHS does need a radical overhaul but a vast increase in private health care insurance is not the answer. The element of privatization that will work is to allow more private hospitals to provide NHS treatments.

This is why Britain should never go down the American health care route. The cost of private health care is the number one domestic public policy issue in the presidential election, with more than 50 million Americans now uninsured or uninsurable.

If you're really ill, private health won't help - Telegraph


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