Provigil which is made by drug manufacturer Cephalon, is used to treat people suffering from narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea and stops them falling asleep at random times during the day. The FDA says patients should stop using Provigil and see their doctor if they develop a skin rash or other hypersensitivity reaction. According to government scientists negative side effects have included instances of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which begins as a red rash but can eventually cause skin to peel off the body, resulting in deadly infections. It seems most cases of the disorder occurred within five weeks of patients starting therapy with Provigil. The FDA also warns that there have been reports of hallucinations, anxiety and suicidal thoughts linked to the use of Provigil. Psychological problems generally stopped within 36 hours of discontinuing use of Provigil.

FDA warns about 'stay awake drug' Provigil


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