This site makes use every day of RSS choice is Attensa which is free and we have a link on the site.  The NHS in the UK is even making use of RSS Reeds and holding frequent training sessions...overloaded with email...look at using RSS for sure makes getting the information you need a whole lot easier...BD

As employees struggle to read an increasing amount of work-related material, some companies have turned to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to improve productivity. ADVERTISEMENT With RSS servers and readers designed for workplaces, IT departments set up internal information feeds that employees can subscribe to, a delivery mechanism that, for some information, can be more precise and effective than e-mail. "The first problem we see addressed regularly with enterprise RSS systems is e-mail overload. Most knowledge workers these days are just about completely fed up with e-mail," said Oliver Young, a Forrester Research analyst.

At NHS Orkney, few of the 600 or so users-- mostly doctors, nurses, physical therapists and business administrators-- are technically savvy. So, Rendall has reached out to departments and held frequent training sessions to promote the RSS system's use.

Seeing an opportunity, vendors like Attensa, NewsGator and KnowNow developed on-premise, behind-the-firewall RSS software for workplaces.

Companies Tap RSS to Tame Info Overload - Yahoo! News


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