I think I would be a little upset in the same scenario...with having to change to a new oncologist..it's almost becoming similar to "musical chairs"...""musical contracts"...BD

Larry Mathenia watched helplessly in 2006 as cancer riddled his wife's 80-pound frame. Today he credits St. John's Health System oncologist Gary Hoos with saving Betty's life. He doesn't have the heart to tell her the bad news: Larry's insurance company says both of them must find new doctors in the CoxHealth system. Coventry Health Care, parent company of Mathenia's First Health plan, announced it is moving all of its business from St. John's to CoxHealth effective Jan. 1. The change could move up to 19,000 southwest Missouri people to Cox, some of whom spoke angrily this week about the change. Others said it illustrates how consumers suffer because Springfield's two major health systems require exclusive insurance contracts.

"We can stay with our providers, but that would be out of our network and we would have to pay the higher cost," he said.

"I'm going to leave that up to my wife," he added. "If we have to pay the higher cost (to stay with her oncologist), I'm willing to do it."

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