More on the use of medical robots...the video from QualComm is also very good with the physician doing an in-room demo on the spot using wireless EVDO which helps with the bandwidth...BD 

Hey, Dr. Chung, can I talk to you a minute?" Not an unusual greeting in a busy hospital hallway - unless Dr. Chung is actually at home, or on temporary duty in another city, or perhaps sitting in a café while on leave. MAJ Kevin Chung, medical director for the Institute of Surgical Research\'s burn intensive care unit (ICU) at Brooke Army Medical Center, is accustomed to people addressing his image on an RP-7 robotic system while he is sitting at a keyboard in another location. "I have taken it to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Washington, Baltimore. I've accessed it on TDY. I've been called while on leave. If I have Internet access, I can access the ICU," Chung said. "Being mobile adds a dimension not available with other forms of telemedicine. It's like you are there.

In addition, QualComm has donated a robot, four remote control laptop devices and support services for one year to be used at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. The initial goal is to enable members of the neurosurgical team to remotely monitor traumatic brain injury patients in the intensive-care unit.

"The ideal would be to beam to Baghdad as soon as a patient arrives there. Then connect to Landstuhl as the patient is evacuated. We could have continuity of care throughout the process."

"It makes you more efficient, and extends your capabilities as a physician," Chung said. "For me it has been a career saver," he added. "Availability 24/7 is very taxing. I can do that now without burning out."

The RP-7 Robotic System

Watch the video here

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