Monday, July 27th at 9PM & 1AM ET on CNBC. CNBC’s “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care”

On Monday night the airwaves will be full of healthcare, what will our decision be?  Following the broadcast an hour later, it’s open debate time for Sermo and Governor Howard Dean.  One thing for sure, nobody is happy and the situation is not getting any better.  I hope we can find some individuals who can come to a decision somewhere along the line here.  I wonder if any one is using any “business intelligence” software to help reach some conclusions here, no doubt they are, but not probably as good as the stuff on Wall Street that makes the big bucks. 


I might guess the Sermo debate afterwards might be necessary since the AMA is in on the round table as one of the “Minds” and the recent polls from physicians indicate they are not representative of their goals and missions and the AMA has discontinued their business relationship with Sermo.  Below are a couple video previews of what is to come with the round table discussions.

The Sermo Blog – Letter from the President and Survey Results

I just wish we had some folks around to understand the back tow of how technology is moving behind the scenes of bliss that are a bit of a farce from the outside view.  Education is still right up there too and the need to stop blame shifting from one party to the other and finally have some non partisan cooperation.  I see much of it as a software coder and understand the ramifications and what happens or could happen by use from both sides, something to remember and be aware of as black hats work in what may seem to be fully reputable firms, but that is not always the case with the back tow in constant motion. 

Let’s take one look at the technology advantages being run by Goldman Sachs, who by the way has all the money with powerful computers and code that may not even give the average investor a chance, same stuff in healthcare except it is human lives and we live in a society that can’t or won’t come to terms with the fact that technology can do this and they still want to live in the 70s and 80s,even as transparent as it is and spelled out in so many ways in the news and blogs published every day, but wait a minute, we need people to read right?  We are a society that forgets that one little incidental reading. 

So here it goes on more show, a lot more talk with perhaps a faint whisper that anyone here will do much more than talk, but I would love to be wrong in this account by all means, but it just seems we are over run with those who like to maybe hear themselves talk and it just seems to end right there as the problems are identified, but no real solutions are created as the technology knowledge required to really get one’s hands around it is just not there with first hand experience and hands on abilities.  BD 

Goldman Sachs – Healthcare Reform Bets, Hedges, and Analysis, Not About Healthcare But All About Money

Monday, July 27th 10:30 am ET, 9:30 am CT CNBC debate between Governor Howard Dean, MD and Daniel Palestrant, MD who will present the Sermo physician community's perspective on the healthcare reform debate.

The special will repeat on Sunday, August 2nd at 8PM ET and Monday, August 3rd at 9PM ET on CNBC.

Here’s a list of the participants in the round table discussion. 

Angela F. Braly
President & CEO, WellPoint Inc.

Bill Frist, M.D.
Professor of Business and Medicine, Vanderbilt University
Former Majority Leader, U.S. Senator

Jennifer M. Granholm
Governor of Michigan

John C. Lechleiter, Ph.D.
CEO & President, Eli Lilly

Michael Milken
Chairman, The Milken Institute
Chairman, FasterCures

Dr. Steven Nissen
Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. J. James Rohack, MD
President, American Medical Association

In "Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care" hosted by CNBC's Maria Bartiromo, CNBC assembles some of the biggest names in the industry and government to advance the conversation and propose solutions to America's health care crisis. Will universal access lead to lower quality of care? Will our efforts to health care for all stifle business and put America at a disadvantage in the global arena? And what will American health care look like for the next generation?

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