Recess might be coming at a good time, and perhaps our next session could see a Congress wearing masks when deliberating.  If nothing else is drills imagedown the importance too of getting healthcare reform done and not dragging it out longer than needed.  Recently in the news Quest Labs also now has a test approved by the FDA to see if one does in fact have the flu.  BD 

A day after the Senate sergeant at arms announced that five Senate pages may have contracted the H1N1 virus, the House Sergeant at Arms, David Cohen, on Wednesday evening sent out an e-mail urging caution. 

Cohen wrote that the Office of the Attending Physician "has identified individuals with symptoms of influenza, and quite possibly, the H1N1 virus, within the Senate Page Program. The Office of the Attending Physician is closely monitoring the situation and if it changes, you will be informed."
He warned that experts expect a "strong return" of the virus in the fall and "practicing preparedness across the House community, prior to the outbreak of this infectious disease, can help mitigate its effects and facilitate a better overall response once an outbreak has occurred."

The Sleuth - Capitol Hill Swine Flu Scare Continues

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