To use the WhiteGlove services, you do not need to have insurance coverage; however 2 carriers here have chosen to contract with the services for their membership in selected areas of Texas where the service is available.  The Nurse practitioner or physician travels to the patient, at home or at work.  The web site also states they have many generic drugs they dispense as well at the time of the visit for no charge.

The company is also under contract with about 150 employers.  What also was interesting too was the fact that the article stated that 70% of their visits are made after normal working hours.  In addition to web visits, this is another evolvement of primary care as needed and where it’s needed.  BD


WhiteGlove House Call Health Inc. has signed agreements to offer its services to Aetna and UnitedHealthcare insurance customers in Texas, giving them an alternative to a trip to the doctor's office or a walk-in clinic for routine medical care.

Founded two years ago by Austin software entrepreneur Bob Fabbio and Dr. Bill Rice, WhiteGlove lets clients and their families schedule visits at home or work by medical professionals, who diagnose and treat minor illnesses such as the flu between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.


WhiteGlove visits are handled by licensed nurse practitioners or physicians, usually within two hours of a call. In addition to providing treatment for ailments such as colds and skin rashes, and suturing minor cuts, the company delivers over-the-counter and prescription medications, handles insurance claims and provides wellness visits, such as checkups for cholesterol or blood pressure.

Fees vary, but most Aetna and UnitedHealthcare members will pay the cost of a specialist co-payment, about $35, per visit.

Two more insurers to offer WhiteGlove House Call service to customers


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