Many thanks to the South Eastern Massachusetts Regional Information Organization for posting a story done by one of the public relation agencies I work with about this crazy healthcare blog called “The Medical Quack”.  The tables were turned on me and I was the interviewed party this time which ran a couple months ago.  I am also found over at EMR Update, where I existed before this blog was started and you can read my comments on the forums there as well.  There’s also a link to EMR Update posts on the right hand side under references on the Medical Quack as well.  BD 


Interview with the Medical Quack - The Tables were Turned this time

I was given the opportunity to speak this time, as most of you know here, I'm usually not at a loss in that department, but with all the recent interviews I have done, clinical and technology related, this was a bit of a surprise to be asked for what I thought.  2 of my interviews are linked below with the US Director of Life Sciences for Microsoft and a couple VPs with Cook Medical on regenerative medicine, so much is no longer Sci-Fi.

A Chat with Barbara Duck of The Medical Quack – Diagnosis PR Interview

This was nice, the tables were turned and I was interviewed!  Why do I blog?   The people at DiagnosisPR, the blog from Racepoint Group, a public relations agency were nice enough to dig in to what goes on at the Medical Quack and how it all got started, and a nice mention of a couple of my most memorable interviews with executives with Cook Medical and Microsoft and how I went from Sales to Marketing to Geek and and now I seem to do it all, life as a muti-tasking blogger.  BD

Thanks Racepoint… - NEWS FEEDS


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