This has to be the ultimate for using Twitter, SurfaceTwitter using Windows Presentation Foundation.  Surface is very cool and not too long ago I had the opportunity to do some protein folding on Surface, which was very cool.  Not too long ago Microsoft stated they were working on an even larger Surface hardware/software application and table that will be dedicated for use with healthcare too, so stay tuned as more information on the healthcare side emerges with Surface.  BD 


The capabilities of SurfaceTwitter are:

  • Show the 25 most recent Tweets in a “ScatterView” control, making each Tweet a movable and resizable object on the Surface.
  • Automatically detect the presence of a TwitPic picture linked in a Tweet and display the picture’s thumbnail attached to the tweet it belongs to.
  • Mark Mentions (of the person currently logged in) by coloring the Tweet window blue.
  • Send Tweets using the Surface on-screen keyboard.


Here are some healthcare related links for Surface:

3D Multi Touch Application for Heart Surgeries – Microsoft Surface and HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault Videos - Device Communication and Surface at the Doctor’s Office

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  1. Microsoft Health Vault rocks with surface integration. It seems that it is standing many steps forward than its competitor Google Health API. Just an amazing technology leading to a revolution in Healthcare IT market.


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