Allergies must be among us, or at least they were at the Bank of America, but how does one confuse carbon monoxide with perfume unless it is one of those new blends that is supposed to smell that way (grin).  Employees complained of having chest pains and headaches and the ones that did not go to the hospital were treated on the scene.  Hazmat did their part and investigated the incident.  image

The fire department stated the complaints originated from two employees who reported feeling dizzy after someone sprayed on some perfume, so there was the culprit, and I am really curious as to which brand it was as now the brand could potentially be considered hazardous!  BD 

Thirty people were transported to a hospital Wednesday after what was initially believed to be a carbon monoxide leak, but later determined to be strong perfume inside a Bank of America office.

The Fort Worth Fire Department responded to the incident in the 5400 block of North Beach Street at about 12:55 p.m. and evacuated the building as hazmat crews conducted an investigation.

"When the two employees reported their illness to a supervisor, an announcement was made over the building’s PA system saying that anyone feeling these symptoms should exit the building to an outside location," Worley said in an e-mail.

Worley said a large number of people, even from other floors, came outside, but many continued working with no ill effect.

"Perfume" Evacuates Office, Sends 30 to Hospital | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


  1. Yes strong perfume will make some people ill who have a very high smelling power.but its a shocking that so many people transported to hospital.


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