One of the chief complaints is the willful ignorance of existing healthcare data and lack of use with business intelligence software to mine and create better outcomes with information up front.  It appears the clinic is also questioning the same thing we all talk about on the web, are we in it for


healthcare and better information, or is it just the money.  Big branded institutions like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, etc. get a lot of revenue from over seas too with facilities set up in places like Dubai, so if you look at the entire picture here, the money needed to keep the leading facilities open and running is not all coming from here in the US, something to think about.

Last year as reported in the Desperate Hospital series, Mayo broke even for the year and if they had not sold a facility in Florida, things could have been worse.  Again, something for everyone to think about and voice, we need better healthcare, and not have it all about the money, it’s the human business and needs to stay that way.  If you remember a couple weeks ago, President Obama used the Mayo Clinic as a shining example of many good things going on in healthcare.  Technology throws us a left curve every day in healthcare, something else we need to learn to live with too as it usually creates some innovative and better solutions and outcomes for patients.  BD

No less a revered, tech-savvy institution than the Mayo Clinic has come out swinging against President Obama's national healthcare agenda. "The real losers will be the citizens of the United States," warns the clinic's official blog. The problem: The plan fails to employ data to gauge whether publicly-funded providers are earning their money or operating Dickensian patient mills.

The Mayo Clinic lauds the idea of healthcare insurance for all, but it believes that the current plan before Congress would simply extend Medicare's vast inefficiencies and failures to the wider public. "In general, the proposals under discussion are not patient focused or results oriented," states the Mayo Clinic, in a post on its Health Policy Blog that appeared last week.

The real shame here is that the data sets needed to create a true, results-based payment system (i.e., the longer your patients live, the more money you'll make), are available right now. The Mayo Clinic has for the past several years worked closely with IBM to create one of the world's richest medical databases.

Mayo Clinic Blog Blasts Obamacare - Government IT Blog - InformationWeek

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