Dr. Crounse over at the Health Blog featured a post on the gloStream EMR solution and I had to add a couple words here as way back a few years ago I imagehad the same idea and concept, and wrote an EMR that worked with Microsoft Office, but of course we have come a long way since that time and my old EMR is in mothballs, where it belongs by today’s standards.  If you are a bit curious as to what an “antiquated EMR” looks like though, you can see what I did a few years back with some screenshots. 

By today’s standards with all the web 2.0 interfaces a team is required and I would have never seen the light of day if I continued on as a lone developer and company as I would have never been able to leave the computer as updates and keeping current with new technologies would have encompassed more than a full time job. 

There’s a video below I found that walks you through the program and I seem to think there could be some Windows Foundation features with the user interface just by watching the visuals as the screens change.  At any rate it looks very clean cut and it appears the developers have done what every doctor wants, “keep the clicks down to a minimum” as I can’t tell you how many times I heard that request, and it is important to have a simple interface without numerous clicks when working with an encounter, a patient, and entering data to have everything come out as desired.  The software also lists several specialty versions along with a practice management module.  BD

“There are literally hundreds of EMR solutions on the market.  Sorting them out is daunting.  Recently, I had an opportunity to get to  know one particular EMR vendor that has taken a rather unique approach to building and selling their EMR solution. The company is gloStream and their solution really seems to resonate with a growing list of satisfied clinician customers.  Perhaps the secret to their success is building a solution that is based on the world’s best selling and most familiar office documentation and productivity software, Microsoft Office, and in particular, Microsoft Word.”


A video walk through of the dashboard and chart area


HealthBlog : A Contemporary and Intuitive EMR Solution Built on Microsoft Office


  1. I know with my EMR purchase there was a great learning curve for all in my integrated healthcare clinic. It constantly is having trouble in its integration with microsoft applications. gloStream is right on in making its application compatible and will allow for greater ease of use for its users.


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