Under the prior administration, they were asleep at the wheel as even a year back I ran across an article that stated some of the clinical studies were still being written in long hand and that every FDA employee didn’t have a computer!  I wrote a somewhat snippy comment asking Intel to maybe donate some at the time, the $300 Classmates if they couldn’t afford more.

The former FDA Commish, Andrew von Eschenbach was not known for his interest in technology either, thus things were at a stand still in many areas.  They are finally working on getting some business intelligence software in place, you know like the stuff that Wall Street and Health Insurance companies have used for years to calculate and create their formulas for taking in money.  BD

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration — which has struggled to fulfill its mission of regulating food, drugs and other consumer goods that make up nearly a quarter of the U.S. economy — does not have the expertise to forecast its own budget needs, according to congressional investigators.

While many lawmakers and consumer advocates have long complained that the agency lacks the staff and equipment to accomplish its mission, the Government Accountability Office says the agency doesn't even have "the data to develop a complete and reliable estimate of the resources it needs."

Under the Bush administration, FDA officials often insisted the agency had sufficient funding, even when its own advisers said it desperately needed more. In 2007, the agency's independent group of science advisers said the FDA was in danger of failing in its mission due to a lack of expertise and resources.

The Associated Press: GAO: FDA can't estimate its own budget needs


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