I hope this is the end of where she worked, started out in one state, Colorado and now spread to two other states, Texas and New York. 

Hospital Employee Injected Patient Drugs and Replaced Syringe content with Saline Solution

The hospital hired her even though they knew she had hepatitis and had provided counseling on how to limit her exposure to patients, which in this case didn’t work and now she faces a number of charges, especially if anyone dies from being exposed.  You hate to see big brother type of imagemonitoring grow, but sometimes it might prove beneficial, like perhaps in the operating room where she was found and did not have permission to be.  So far, nine patients have tested positive.  BD 

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DENVER — Thousands more patients may have been exposed to hepatitis C by an infected Colorado nurse who allegedly swapped needles, as the investigation spreads to New York and Texas.

Kristen Diane Parker, 26, is accused of taking syringes meant for patients off operating room carts and replacing them with used syringes filled with saline solution at medical centers in Denver and Colorado Springs. The syringes she allegedly stole were filled with fentanyl, a narcotic painkiller 80 to 100 time stronger than morphine.

State health and hospital officials say up to 6,000 patients who had surgery at the two Colorado centers since October may have been exposed to hepatitis C.

The Associated Press: 3 states investigating hep C infected scrub tech


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