During his recent visit to the Cleveland Clinic, President Obama tried his hand at the DaVinci Robot.  This is great at least he’s looking at technology with a “hands on” approach just to sit down and see how it all works.  Recently the President conducted a town hall meeting in Cleveland regarding health care reform. 


Here’s a video that I had posted here a while back that is not only entertaining with the music score, but also shows a real hospital surgery using the robotic device.  BD

The President is dedicated to restoring a sense of fiscal responsibility in Washington, which is why his plan will be deficit-neutral. He imageexplained that by simply cutting wasteful spending, we can pay for 2/3 of health reform right there.  But it is equally important that we slow the growth of health care costs.  The President noted the Cleveland Clinic as an example of a medical center with some of the lowest costs and highest quality care, and explained why it is so imperative to lower costs.

The White House - Blog Post - A Health Reform Town Hall in Ohio

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