If you not seen this video, it is well worth the watch as Catherine Mohr walks us through surgery of days past, where it was done as a public imageexposition without anesthesia to where we are today and discussed the DaVinci Robot and the next plateau with only having one incision at some point instead of multiple small incisions.  Why is all surgery not done this way, cost is one item. 

Setting up the robot for each procedure takes time and currently required several small incisions, but still for the patient a much easier recovery and less blood loss. 

The next generation will have a camera and three instruments all together and this is where the next generation of robotic surgery is headed.  BD

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Surgeon and inventor Catherine Mohr tours the history of surgery (and its pre-painkiller, pre-antiseptic past), then demos some of the newest tools for surgery through tiny incisions, performed using nimble robot hands. Fascinating -- but not for the squeamish.

Catherine Mohr: Surgery's past, present and robotic future | Video on TED.com

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