Do you suffer from this inadequacy?  Are we creating a new disease here and what happens when you quit using the product, do your lashes revert, I think so.  Granted, this drug is a repackage of a formula used to treat other conditions, but I guess we have another Viagra on our hands here as it too was born from side effects.  I guess all side effects are not bad, but are we creating new diseases in the meantime? 

Ask your doctor if Latisse is right for your lashes? (grin).  There are some real potential side effects to the drug that are worth reading too.  It did strike me as being a bit funny too about the attempted adjustments trying to be made in Wikipedia to include eyelashes too. How soon before we get a $4.00 generic here I ask.  In case you are interested, there is a foundation associated with the product and you can read more at the link below where money is donated to the Make a Wish Foundation for everyone who signs up for bigger lashes, or perhaps should I say enrolls to treat their inadequate lashes.  BD 

Allergan Announces the Latisse Make a Wish Campaign

"The first and only approved FDA treatment for inadequate and not enough lashes," "also known as hypotrichosis."  Hypotrichosis has all the makings of a fake illness: enough of a medical basis to sound real (it's a condition of "no hair growth") and yet vague enough to invite creative interpretation. In December, the same month the FDA approved Latisse, someone at Allergan--the company that makes the drug--repeatedly tried to alter the Wikipedia entry of hypotrichosis to include eyelash hypotrichosis. Fortunately, Wikipedia moderators caught the changes and removed them (here and here).

The greatest pharmaceutical commercial ever? - Boing Boing

Hat Tip:  Pharmagossip


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