One of the points made here discusses investor run companies, building public support for investors and the lobbying efforts taking place. For profit insurance companies denying care for investors dividends is discussed. 

The public plan is discussed and the potential workings behind the scenes and the complexities of introducing a plan, as it is an unknown versus the “known” situation we have today.  What is in my small opinion scares the daylights out of both the Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance business is the big push we have for transparency, it’s in the news every day and as data becomes available, we hear more, and of course there’s no sign of transparency issues changing as that is one major goal of the White House. 

If nothing is done, the current path of transparency will continue to whittle down at the reputations of both pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and less trust in both industries and will continue to grow, that is a given, and who knows someday could lead to a real violent revolution in the country if changes are not made soon. 

It’s the data world today and hiding items under the carpet as what has been done in years past doesn’t work very well and some with limited IT knowledge have just not come face to face with this fact and still live in the 70s. 

Goldman Sachs – Healthcare Reform Bets, Hedges, and Analysis, Not About Healthcare But All About Money

Is money going to win or will the quest for better healthcare take place?  One thing for sure is that many hate change, but change needs to take place.   Addressed here is the power of the health insurance companies and the weight they carry, or maybe its the money they have.  Also discussed is the lack of knowledge of the general US public and how education needs to be a priority.  BD


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