This has to have HIPAA written all over it.   No special equipment other than a standard web cam is required.  The company has 2 different products, imageone that costs a lot of money at 10k and one for the consumer, like you and I that is $59.95.  The moment you turn away, the screen is blurred.  

Chameleon is the big ticket item that would be perhaps used by the government, or anyone working on highly valuable information that they do not want seen by someone over looking and seeing their screen.

The Private Eye Demo is very interesting too as if you do not see a someone looking over your shoulder, the web cam picks up and shows you busted is the one overlooking and viewing your screen if you are not away.  

How many times do we get disrupted and leave a screen open, like medical records that could be seen from any one in range of seeing a computer screen.  Sometimes it is hard to put all those monitors completely out of site and this appears to do the trick with information not seen.  BD

Busted by the web cam….very interesting product.


We need a name to describe that sensation you often get, in an office or out in public, that someone’s looking at your computer screen from behind you. Screen-dropping? Shoulder-surfing? Whatever it’s called, it’s annoying – and a potential security threat. A Baltimore company, Oculis, has developed a program that tracks an authorized reader's eyes to show only them the correct text. Anyone else looking at the screen will see only gobbledygook.

Chameleon is a combination of gaze-tracking software and camera equipment that, apparently, takes just 15 seconds to learn a subject’s screen-viewing patterns. After that, only the sweet spot on which your eyes are resting will be legible. Everyone else will see dummy text that constantly and randomly changes. It’s a very high-end way to protect the contents of a screen and, unfortunately, it has an equally high-end price. At around USD$10,000, it’s only going to interest defense and intelligence agencies.

Happily, Oculis have a stripped down – and much more affordable - version for everyday folk. Private Eye Professional is a software application that needs only a standard webcam connected (or built-in) to your computer. The program will display data only when you’re looking directly at the computer. Turn away, and it instantly blurs the screen so no-one else can read it. Which lets you safely chat to someone without worrying what they’re seeing on your desktop.

New software ensures no-one will ever read over your shoulder again


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