The woman had worked as a dental assistant so at least there was some background with dental care.  Nobody had any idea but you know even imagelicensed dentists could do the same to cut overhead with office expenses I believe.  No word if anyone had been harmed due to her efforts and she did keep records.  BD

To Rosa Toledo's neighbors in her gated Naples, Fla., community, she seemed like your average householder. She kept up her hedge, she had a family and she made home improvements.

But what some neighbors didn't know was that behind the division in Toledo's garage, hundreds of people were allegedly getting drilled, scraped, poked and fitted for crowns.

Officers booked Toledo, 56, Tuesday on charges of practicing dentistry or dental hygiene without a license. Police say they found a reclining black chair, a cabinet full of dental castings, molds, crowns, bridges and a patient ledger book with names, procedures and allergies in her garage.

"We've seen that with the Polish-speaking community, sometimes in Asian communities, in Hispanic communities," Neumann said. "In some cases, I think these folks don't even try to go through the license procedure."

Woman Arrested for Alleged Garage Dentistry - ABC News


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