Would Goldman short the Health Care stocks to zero if reform goes through?  This is a good question and something to think about, really thinkimage about.

Goldman has the latest version of the Inslaw/PTECH/PROMS software and front run the market including their own clients, that's how they get their money throughs software with accelerated business intelligence algorithm and aggregation capabilities.

Is your 401k resting in a health insurance investment?   I like the one line below about using technology as I have always said that it is all a software battle, that is what makes Wall Street and Health Insurance go around, and around and around…and take money from those who are not tech savvy enough.  Last week it was reported that somebody broke into Goldman’s Code…hmmmm…jury still out on this one too and will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Somebody Stole Goldman’s Algorithms – Code that Makes Their Money Just Like Health Insurers Use

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are becoming bigger, richer, and more powerful, while unemployment, home foreclosures, small business bankruptcies continue.  We are creeping right back up to where Wall Street was, at least for 2 bankers, making more millionaires and Main Street still suffers.  Some have actually predicted another crash of the stock market as big profits for the 2 banks are back up and rising.

One more interesting angle of politics, if healthcare reform goes through, the 401ks (or what is left) could also go away, one more angle where companies like Goldman and J.P. Morgan hedge.  BD 

“One question for you political animals? If Birch Buyh's son hadn't been elected to the Senate does anyone think Susan Buyh would be a director on Wellpoint's Board?  Why should he be able to vote on this? Why is he even in office?”

Take Evan Bayh's Wife please.  She has been a director on Wellpoint's board since 2005.

Here's how she gets paid according to Wellpoint's SEC filings.  Base Pay $50,000 a year

Stock Award Formula:  five x base salary divided by the share price on May 20th of each year.

Since 2005 she and Evan have thousands of shares of Wellpoint each year and because rich people hate taxes. They are awarded as options which defer taxes until such time they are exercised and turned into stock. With me here? If Susan hears from Evan, "Sue hon? It may pass...(shaky)  She can do what's known as collar the options. if it's for certain she can sell her 20,000 shares, go on margin and short 40,000 more.”

Lets not fool ourselves. We are at cross purposes. I see diaries on Goldman Sachs. Then I see diaries on the greed driven Health Care execs. The congress people that enable them. This is all true. But like a disorganized army we are all over the map.

If we want to be effective, we have to realize what we are up against and start using the technology that is here more effectively to bring sunlight into the corners where these coach roaches hide.

How do we do that? First Lets define the enemy. McNamara went to his death knowing his greatest mistake in Vietnam was not understanding his enemy. I would also argue, you have to know who it is we are fighting. Right now Eve and Jane have been fighting a battle , a exhausting battle against health care insurers and their enablers in congress.

So Lets make an assumption here. Health Insurers are for profit public companies that live to please Goldman Sachs.image Lets  force our politicians to recognize who is driving and financing the opposition and stop dispersing our weakened forces to attack multiple enemies on multiple fronts, but focus on the man, so to speak, behind the curtain.

Do you all know that Health Insurers and Health Care companies are pushed by the brokerages to huge funds as defensive stocks to own in a down market? You should because the very Unions and organizations we ally with may have their retirement funds invested in these companies betting on the success  of beating down health care reform.

If you don't know Goldman Sachs, or don't understand it, this company would have no problem recommending the stocks by having it analysts put glowing reports on then as their contacts on the Hill tell them the odds of passage. Instead of just looking at the Insurers contributions at this critical juncture on 7/31/2009. Take a look at the Wall Streets Bribes.

Daily Kos: Knives for a  Healthcare Fight with Bonus- Buyh TOOL

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