On a related note, the main ingredient for the vaccine comes from a chicken egg and October is seen as the target month to begin having the imagevaccine available, so now with the lab test being available treatments for those diagnosed can be started quickly too.  We are not done with the flu yet it appears as just last week in the UK, 100,000 cases were detected, July 2009.

Flu infects 100,000 in past week – National Flu Service Launched in the UK 

Even the tennis tournament didn’t escape the effects of swine flu, or as it is now called, H1N1.  The test detects specific gene targets for influenza A in general and swine flu.  Prior tests offered could not define a specific flu and this one appears to do the job, a genomics based test.  BD

Wimbledon tournament – 28 Staff Members told to say home – Swine Flu

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. regulators said Friday they authorized emergency use of a Quest Diagnostics Inc test for the H1N1 swine flu virus.

The test is the third one authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for diagnosing an infection with the pandemic H1N1 virus, the agency said. It is made by Quest unit Focus Diagnostics.

FDA approves use of Quest Diagnostics H1N1 flu test | Reuters

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