The man pees on the test stick and it shows positive, but this doesimage not mean he is pregnant of all things:)  He posts it on the web and the first comment to his story told him to get tested for testicular cancer.  Pregnancy tests check for a pregnancy hormone called Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).  Now men also have the hormone if they have this somewhat rare form of testicular cancer. 

Nobody really knows why this occurs with these types of tumors and it is very aggressive.  Good thing he came back and read the comment as a doctor found a tumor and treated it.  Lucky for the man this is one of those multi use tests out there, even if it was unexpected.  BD

Rather strange news was bouncing around Reddit recently, and it all started with a man relieving himself on a pregnancy test stick. In case you don’t know how a pregnancy stick works, here’s a quick tutorial: remove stick from box, pee on stick, watch to see if a pink line, blue line, plus or minus symbol, or whatever symbol the instructions tell you to look for appears.  If the symbol appears, you are probably pregnant — that is, if you’re a woman.


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