The device will record 72 hours of body temperatures imageand if you visit the website there’s an image of an infant to promote it which is probably a good idea as depending on the baby, this might be easier than using a thermometer that required inserting into a body orifice.  The company that makes the product is located in China.  It uses blue tooth wireless to connect.  This appears to be a consumer app and just earlier today I wrote about a hospital in Los Angeles testing a wireless device to monitor more vitals than just temperature.  The peel and stick sensor business seems to be making some major progress of late.  I like technologies like this that actually “do something” and provide a purpose versus a lot of the other somewhat “useless” apps that are floating around out there.  BD 

Pilot for Wireless Digital Vital Signs Monitoring System Begins at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica–A Disposable FDA Approved Plaster Attaches Similar To Using A Band-Aid

A Beijing-based medical device company called Raiing has been granted 510(k) FDA clearance for the Raiing Wireless Thermometer, a peel-and-stick contact thermometer sensor that continuously transmits body temperature readings to a companion iPhone app, which is already available in the iOS AppStore. The app is called Vitals Monitor and is currently available for a free download, but the device itself does not appear to be commercially available yet.


  1. How accurate is Peel and Stick in taking body temperature? I recently reviewed Thermodo, it is a tiny electrical device connected to iPhone that can measure surrounding temperature instantly. So far, so good; I just don't think it is that useful to the majority unlike the one featured in this article.


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