It makes sense to tax and other states are doing it and it is imagenoted that California who is always in the news on this topic will see just under $60 million in revenue.  With those who use medical marijuana there’s usually not even so much as a concern about the tax and are happy to pay.  We have heard that many times over in California.  New Jersey can certainly use the revenue after Sandy.  BD 

— Medical marijuana will indeed be a cash crop in the Garden State.

The Christie administration has determined New Jersey’s 7 percent sales tax will apply every time a pre-screened patient buys marijuana from an approved dispensary, state

Treasury spokesman Andrew Pratt said late today.

The decision could remove the last roadblock to launching New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

The state has approved 318 patients to participate in the medical marijuana program so far, with 138 more in the application and screening process, Leusner said.

A study by the state Treasury Department in Vermont — which has four dispensaries — reported California was on track to collect at least $58 million in sales tax in 2012, and that Colorado collected $5 million last year.


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