It seems like it’s time to talk about Allscripts again.  Back before the company purchased Eclipsys there was work done between Microsoft and Eclipsys to integrate with Amalga, a former Microsoft product before the creation of Caradigm, the combined GE and Microsoft company that was created not too long ago.  Here’s some back links for additional information.  Eclipsys has a bit of dot net applications along with Windows Foundation.  Since Caradigm was created, Amalga has moved from Microsoft to Caradigm.

Caradigm–New Name for New Microsoft GE Healthcare Company


Eclipsys and Microsoft To Integrate Sunrise Enterprise Suite With Amalga Unified Intelligence System

Now back in August Allscripts announced they had turned to Microsoft to get some help with the code since both Allscripts and Eclipsys are written with Microsoft technologies.    Amalga is kind of out there without an “in-house” EMR so perhaps a good question to ask at this point is whether or not Caradigm could be a possible contender as they know the technologies of both Eclipsys and Allscripts and you can see. 

Allscripts Turns to Microsoft To Expand Their Application Development

Actually this is the second time for me to make mention of this  possibility as I did so a month ago when posting relative to the New York hospital awards to Epic, link below. I think the long and short of all of this is that “code help is needed” and if you follow the technologies this would make sense to get the work done and keep value for shareholders, although who knows who else might show up

I should mention this again for all my layman readers, the short order code kitchen burned down a few years ago” which translates to the complexities of healthcare software today and also means it doesn’t happen over night.  It does make sense to work with related or same technologies to keep the code writing down to a minimum when possible.  This is not to say that different technologies make it impossible by any means, but usually means it takes a lot longer time and more complexities with debugging too:)

AllScripts Files Complaint With Review Board At Health and Hospitals Corporation Protesting Award of Contract to Epic Medical Records For New York City’s Public Hospital System

The CEO said noise in the market contributed to the reduction of stock value but again I still see if as a need for some updated code work.   There’s still the situation of the old “MyWay” EMR out there which was recentlyimage settled with Aprima as far as clients being able to update.  “MyWay” was the old Mysis system and when Allscripts merged with Eclipsys, Mysis sold all their Allscripts share to allow this to take place.  Aprima is offering what is called a “rescue plan” for those wanting to upgrade from the old Mysis system which will not offer the ability to attest for meaningful use and handle the new ICD 10 formats.  Allscripts licensed the code from Aprima so they (Aprima) should have the advantage of modifying an existing product, and again the Allscripts offer is also there for an upgrade for present MyWay clients to the new software which would allow for meaningful use attestation and is certified. 

For more information, or to sign up for the Aprima Rescue PlanTM for customers of Allscripts MyWayTM, visit, call 866-960-6890, option 7, or email

So again just following technologies, code and time for rewrites, Caradigm would be the best fit it appears and it would also give them an in house EMR to sell and and test Amalga with as that product continues to grow.  It seems like they would know sooner what to do here versus some of the private equity firms mentioned as possible suitors, and who knows ,maybe I am out to lunch <grin>.  BD

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. confirmed Thursday that is evaluating the possibility of selling itself to a third party, sending its shares up as much as 10 percent in after-hours trading.

The Chicago-based provider of electronic health record services said it made the decision to evaluate "strategic alternatives" after unidentified third parties expressed interest in the company. Bloomberg reported in October that Allscripts was considering bids from several private equity firms, including Blackstone Group LP, Carlyle Group LP and Silver Lake Management LLC.,0,6858255.story


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