Occasionally I get out from behind the desk and every I do I wonder why I don’t do this more often:)  My first stop today was to attend


the second day of the iHT2 conference and take notes.  The speaking format was great with panels discussing various areas of healthcare.  The last session was a discussion on security with healthcare and it was almost humorous as the group was self moderating, in other words very diplomatically they all chimed in and yes the moderator did get a couple questions in and it was informative and everyone there had a lot to say. 

I did ask the question about the security of 3rd party vendors, stating in the latest breaches reported it appears that the hospitals have a good handle on it but it’s the 3rd parties today that seem to have the problems.  Here’s a good example of one at Stanford Medical from last year.  You know you can’t blame hospitals for getting a little irritated to say the least when this occurs.  In short with all on the forum, everyone agreed that this is a bit of a “black hole” with security in healthcare and everyone said it needs work with emphasis. 

Security Breach at Stanford Hospital - Patient Found it - Not the Fault of the Medical Records System but Rather a Careless 3rd Party Analytics/Billing Company

I wished I could have made day one as they screened the documentary “Escape Fire”. The movie has been screened all over the US with working solutions in some areas of healthcare.  I really do like the format of the iHT2 conferences as everyone leaves their “expert” hat paradigms outside the door and some real intelligent and educational items get discussed. 

After the conference I paid a visit over to MMRGlobal who is a sponsor for the Medical Quack to see what was new in the world of PHRs. image I talked with CEO Robert Lorsch and we are pictured here in an area where they are customizing and preparing MMRPro units for immediate delivery.  You can find out more about MyMedicalRecord PHRs and the MMR Pro system for physicians at their website.  MMRPro is a bundled solution that makes document management with medical records simple and easy.  So far in my travels I have not yet seen a doctor’s office that is without a fax and other document management tools so MMRPro takes all of the separate items and puts them together under one roof with a system that coordinates with the PHR (personal health record system they offer.  You can see in the image below, Bob was showing me the units that are supplied with the system and there was a roomful ready to be shipped out. 

Here’s a bit of basic information about the MMRPro system for physicians:


I always like to visit places of business who’s artwork décor includes ducks and MMR was no exception in that department too. <grin>. image  Being the "animal lover” I am it’s also worth a mention that they own another company called “Dancing Paws” with great looking products for dogs and you may have seen them in Trader Joes.  If you dog’s breath stinks, they have a solution for that and mine is getting one of their “green bones”   Actually they will send you a bone if you write to them for a sample for you, and your dog to try out. 

All in all my day out here was very educational today from everything from security on healthcare systems to bad breath with dogs that we can fix:) 


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