Ok so if you live and practice in one of the 10 designated cities and substantiate the fact that you do provide charity care, you canimage get a 26 month free license which normally costs $399 a month per physician.  This is not for doctors who work for hospitals but rather for the private practices with an MD count of 1 to 10.  McKesson will establish a committee to determine the recipients so if you are a doctor in one of these cities providing charity care, it will stand to save you money. 

Doctors need to be practicing primary care, internal medicine, family practice, gynecology, or pediatrics to qualify.  Also a history of charity care for at least 6 months is required and you need a high speed internet connection and most offices have that today even if still using paper charts.


To qualify for the software, physician practices must be either primary care, internal medicine, family practice, gynecology, or pediatric practitioners; be in private practice, (not hospital employed); work in a 1-10 physician practice; have a demonstrated history of providing unreimbursed care to the low-income community for six months or more; and have broadband or high speed Internet connectivity in the location where the physician expects to use the software.  Here’s the link to the application.  BD 

One good deed deserves another. It is in that spirit that McKesson Corporation plans on providing McKesson Practice Choice™ software, a Web-based, integrated electronic healthimage record (EHR) and practice management solution, to 100 physicians who provide charity care to the needy in ten cities across the country. The selected physicians will receive a free 26-month license to the software, which typically carries a $399 per month fee for each physician– making the total McKesson reward worth $1,037,400.

A McKesson committee will select physicians from applicants in the ten metropolitan areas with the largest impoverished populations to receive the free software. These cities include: Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Miami, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Newark.

You’ve given of your time and expertise to those who need it most.  McKesson wants to thank you for it, and help you continue to bring better health to America’s neediest citizens.

Perhaps you hold infant care classes for new mothers in the inner city…maybe you provide diabetes screenings to residents at homeless shelters…or possibly, you teach the indigent how to manage their blood pressure…or maybe you just hold office visits for the needy at no cost.  Whatever benevolent healthcare services you provide, you’ve done so to better the lives of those with the least access to care.  McKesson thanks you for your commitment to better health, and wants to help you help others.

Qualifying physicians will meet all of the following minimum requirements:
  • Specialize in either primary care, internal medicine, family practice, gynecology or pediatrics
  • Serve the under- or uninsured population in one of the ten large cities with the largest low-income populations: Detroit, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; St. Louis, Missouri; Miami, Florida; Cincinnati, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Memphis, TN and Newark, New Jersey.
  • Work in a one-to-ten physician practice
  • Work in private practice, (are not employed by a hospital)
  • Do not currently use a McKesson electronic health record
  • Have provided free healthcare to the target population for 6 months or more
  • Have broadband and/or high-speed internet connectivity wherever the software will be used

In addition, at this time, McKesson Practice Choice and accompanying personalized support are available only in English, so the physician and his/her office staff will need to be conversant in English.



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