This sounds like a decent size survey and I agree on the fact that Praxis has been around for quite a while as I remembered seeing the concept processor years ago in action just as I was beginning to write my medical records system.  I attended a big conferenceimage in Los Angeles to where they were a partner with a conglomerate using several technologies at the time and Praxis was one of them.  I’m sure it has been greatly improved as technology has moved forward and it was funny as I operated from what I designed as “mini templates” at the time, in other words doctors could input quickly a few sentences that were commonly used which still left room for free text to be added to personalize.   I remembered the beta doctor I worked with telling me how important it is to capture the patient information and have it recorded in the way the he/she interprets and with big templates you don’t get that today.  You can read more about the survey here at EHRScope, one of my great sponsors here at the Medical Quack. 

A few weeks ago in the New York Times there was a discussion exactly on this topic with the pros and cons of templates.  Again what is really fascinating is that Praxis has been doing this a long time and maybe now it is catching on.  I guess you could say Praxis was ahead of their time as now you hear a lot about machine learning and this is exactly what their medical records system does, it learns.  BD

The Praxis EMR was voted the top medical records system in all categories with a survey from the AAFP.  Praxis is the “no template” medical records system that “learns” how you write in a software program.  Like any medical records system it has a small learning curve but once physicians have the “learning” portion of the software in place, the reduction in time and effort really begins to pay off.  The association looked at 31 different software systems. 

In addition, Praxis integrates with many different billing software systems and you can read more here at the website.  The software is certified and qualifies any client to obtain stimulus incentives so you are are good to go.  The news in the last few weeks has had several articles speaking about the use of copy and paste and templates as relates to electronic medical records.  Praxis has been around for quite a while and has worked on the Concept Processor for a number of years to make it even better.


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