This is correct and I do have to say the company picked the right name as when you have to go, that is if you are a male, you get ads imageabout spirits and other goodies that begin as soon as you approach the urinal.  Oh boy…this is kind of the one place that has been sacred so far…well I can say for women we don’t have to worry about this yet…and frankly I don’t think we have the same parts to add in the game, but there certainly could be screens in the restroom stalls.  With all the technology we have there’s not going to be one moment missed by the marketers:)

The urinal chooses one of five games at random for you to play.  If you run short in the pee department, well tough luck.  Cocktail lounges and bars of course are one of the targeted areas for the product.  Does this mean like games make doctors better with new surgical equipment that this will do something for men in other departments?  I’m glad one of the games is hitting penguins and not ducks:)

An infrared is what detects the placement of the urine and get this you can use your phone to post your score…ah come on ..who cares.  It uses Windows Embedded and has multiple sensors.  The company says that 90% of the toilets can be retrofitted.  The next move from the company are screens on top of hand dryers so you can do something there too I guess.  You have to laugh as one of the games is appropriately named “Clever Dick”.  Watch how proud these guys are of their scores..if I see Clever Dick scores on Twitter with anyone I follow, it might be time that I consider not following any longer.

You can check out the Google map for their installations in the UK and I don’t think they are here yet in the US.  Talk about being constantly engaged! 

What do you want to bet that some lab contracts with the company to get in into healthcare here <grin>.  We see all these “gamification” software programs so someone will get this in there somehow.  BD


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